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Kristina's Clients Include : 

Marc Jacobs

Makeup Forever Official

Bergdorf Goodman

Tadashi Shoji

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Green & Black Chocolate


Perverse Sunglasses

Vanyer Media

Danceon Network

Necessary Clothing

Chloe Hurst- The Nice guys

Emily Tarver- Orange is the New Black

Nigel Lythgoe- Dance On Network

Chachi Gonzales- Dance On Network   

Brian Freedmen- Britney Spears Choreographer                                 

Project Runway- Season 2 winner- Chloe Dao

E.I. Makeup school- Hollywood



I am a New York based professional photographer, specializing in a wide array of  high-end fashion and beauty work. My family and I moved  every 2-3 years as a child, but I claim Texas as my home state.  I began my pursuit of a creative career path early on. My initial amateur artistic inklings began to take shape through working as a makeup artist for the legendary M.A.C. Cosmetics company. As an impressionable young artist working for M.A.C., my mind was opened to an awe-inspiring realm of endless possibility within the high-fashion, avant-garde and entertainment universe, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Through that newfound sense of purpose and passion, I was intrinsically pulled to study photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design, where I earned a BFA in Photography. My inspiration was (and is) high-fashion and editorial work with a focus on producing conceptual, fine art photography through capturing non-traditional beauty and eccentric individualism. Each day, I continue even further refining my skills, and with a combination of both natural talent and years of professional training, I have complete confidence in my abilities and my craft, and an unrelenting drive to create. I endeavor to continue working hard to nurture my business - my incredible labor of love that delivers me endless inspiration and steady fulfillment. I love art and people in equal measure, and take great pride in building meaningful, lasting, professional and personal relationships with my clients. As a trusted partner to both my clients and my subjects, I am committed to fully understanding and delivering an impeccable product representative of our shared vision.











Basic Magazine "Wild Spaces"

Lucy's Magazine "Heart of Gold"

Ten10 magazine "Blue skies"

Alchemist magazine "Pretty in the city"

Lucy' Magazine "Strung Silly"

FRUK Magazine "Metallic Chic"

Minus 10 Magazine "Let the games begin"

Institute Magazine "Silverline"

Alchemist Magazine "City Limits"

Elegant Magazine "Modern Geometry"

Astound Magazine "Red Headed Dream"

Jute Magazine "Freeze Frame"

Attract Magazine Multiple publications

Ellements Magazine "Burgundy Nights"

Solis Magazine "Monochromatic chic"

Flawless Magazine "Smoke N' Mirrors"

Mess Magazine "Out of this world"

Soda Pop Magazine "Tacos, photography and Kristina McManus"

Nationalist Magazine "Lets Dance"

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