Artist Collaboration and Feature in Basic Magazine!

Personal project with mixed media!


Mixed Media

Artist Collaboration and Feature in Basic Magazine!

A few months ago I met a creative director/illustrator Joseph Gerard while on a shoot, and we discussed the idea of a combined effort to create something together. I had previously seen an incredible design piece he had done for an editorial Lana del Ray feature, and I knew I wanted to work with him. As luck would have it, from this conversation a beautiful, collaborative endeavor was born!

Although this was an incredibly thrilling prospect for me both professionally and artistically, I admit I was pushed somewhat outside my comfort zone with the project. However, I welcomed this challenge, as I always find value in working with other artists who may bring different methodologies and perspectives to the table. Overcoming any initial fears of dabbling in something new and challenging is a critical component for both personal, artistic development, and for that opportunity I am immeasurably grateful.

Conceptually, mixed-media photography is a medium that I have often wanted to explore and this collaboration provided the perfect environment for that type of creative experimentation. Joseph and I began corresponding on our project, and after being inspired by some compelling mixed-media pieces that I had been collecting over time, I compiled and shared a mood board with him that featured a variety of nature-in-fashion elements that I was drawn to. And as Joseph is the designer/illustrator, I left the choice of incorporating these additional visual elements up to his discretion.

The final pieces are inspired by combining traditional beauty photography elements with primitive, natural patterns, organic illustrations and contrasting textures. The resulting images were stunning, multi-dimensional compositions with unexpected visual elements. And to my great delight, our resulting collaborative images were featured in the quarterly visual and editorial Basic Magazine; a publication that specializes in curated content with a strong, independent voice that focuses on fashion, art and beauty, and proved to be a brilliant fit for our collaborative project. While I provided principle photography, the end-result is a stunning visual culmination of multiple talented contributors and a stunning model.

This collaborative project forced me to push my boundaries and experiment with a new medium, and to connect with a tremendously talented visual artist who I not only partnered with to create beautiful images, but from whom I also learned a great deal. Creative partnerships are a beautiful way to continue growing, learning, sharing and exploring the endless universe of compelling, visual storytelling.

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